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Evening Event that brought attendees to BlackRock London Headquarters on the 28th November 2017 for a panel discussion on Entrepreneurship vs Intrapreneurship.

London, November 28th, 2017 — Girls in Tech was proud to host their relaunch event which included a talk from Marie Vasey, an impressive technology focused Managing Director at BlackRock, and an engaging panel discussion with four of London’s top Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs. This event re-opened Girls in Tech’s London chapter to support and welcome women interested in technology and entrepreneurship.

The event included inspiring discussions around the key differences between pioneering change in a small company and a large multinational organisation. The panel included two Intrapreneurs, Claire Calmejane & Lucy Cooper, and two Entrepreneurs, Charlie Mortimer & Emily Forbes.

The panelists touched upon their daily experiences in tech, their career paths, their top challenges, and what keeps them pushing forward. The evening was concluded with a networking event where attendees had the opportunity to exchange experience & connect with other influential women.

“Engaging sociable events team. Great speakers. Well organised. Good food and drinks. Insightful and informal Q&A. Inspiring storytelling. It brought together a dynamic community of attendees and women in tech”

“Great insight during the speech and loved the networking event after the panel discussion.”

Check out the panel highlights here:

The panel was moderated by Monty Munford, an accomplished tech writer, who has 15 years’ experience in the mobile, web and digital sectors.

Claire Calmejane is the Director of Innovation and Head of the Digital Center of Excellence, Innovation & Partnerships at Lloyds Banking Group.

Lucy Cooper is the Innovation Director at Accenture where she supports her clients to become disruptors in their industries. She is also a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers, a Huffington Post blogger, and a TEDx speaker.

Charlie Mortimer is a serial entrepreneur, having co-founded Moneybox most recently in the summer of 2015. Moneybox is an application which aims to make saving easier! He also helped to launch the very popular website Wowcher, and sold his previous company, OnTrees, to MoneySupermarket in 2014.

Emily Forbes is also a serial entrepreneur – around 4 years ago she founded Seenit, an app and platform which helps brands and organizations co-create video with employees, fans, journalists and experts. Her platform is being used by huge organizations like the BBC, British Airways & Redbull. Emily was featured in Forbes’ 30 under 30 list for media last year.

The Girls in Technology Relaunch proud partner for this event was BlackRock. Marie Vasey, one of the Blackrock Managing Directors, gave an inspirational speech about her journey into technology and her ascent within the company. She discussed programs like ‘The Art of the Ask’ that she runs at Blackrock to encourage women to progress in their careers in an authentic way.

Girls in Tech London has a series of exciting events coming up, including the Catalyst Conference in March 2018 which will celebrate women at different stages in their career, and a Tech Spectrum Series which will explore the different roles available in technology.

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