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Could you tell me a bit about your background?

My background stems from having worked in early-stage startups related to the travel tech industry. My roles were predominantly related to commercial, business development and supplier partnerships. In total I spent over 7+ years in the travel tech space, and have collected a valuable amount of relevant experience related to commercial, tech and general startup culture, which can be directly beneficial to my business ventures.

How did you get into tech? What made you choose it?

I was offered a commercial role for a cool little start-up which is now one of the fastest growing online travel companies. Prior to this, tech was not of particular interest for me and is not really my background, however after seeing and working with some of the smartest people to build something from absolutely nothing, I was inspired to learn more about tech.

What personal or professional milestones would you highlight?

Working for 2 great companies and starting my own.

What advice would you give your 10-year-old self?

Don’t hesitate to give it a try!

Do you regret not having done something today for not finding time?

Yes, spending (more) time with engineers and dev, as I could have learned more about what they do to develop successful platforms.

What books and podcasts do you recommend reading and listening to and why?

The hard thing about hard things, Ben Horowitz.

Feel the Fear and do it anyway – Susan Jeffers

Who is your role model?

I can never mention just one, there as so many women that have inspired me to do what I’m doing.

How did you get into Girls in Tech and what made you do that?

I decided to go on my own journey after realizing that I wanted to go ahead and start my own company. I came across girls in tech whilst searching for networking events that can help me learn things about tech that I don’t know much about (coming from a more commercial and sales background). From the first event I attended, I knew it was a great match with a great team!

After so many years of being in STEM field, what do you think about diversity and inclusion in sector?

I think that we have come very far, but still a way to go. I would like to see more of diversity and inclusion with Women of colour in tech sectors and in business in general.

What advice would you give to a person who wants to get into tech?

It’s not as scary as you think! And once you understand something and learn how to do it (even though you might have thought it was impossible) it’s highly fulfilling!