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Choose the next generation of female tech leaders

There is no more exciting industry to be part of today than technology. Innovation shapes everything we do, and it is improving lives and driving transformation in the business world faster than ever. The world’s most influential companies are tech-driven.

But despite efforts from employers, educators and government to make technology more inclusive, female participation remains stubbornly low. Women occupy just 16% of IT jobs in the UK and make up less than 14% of CIOs, less than 10% of tech CEOs and less than 5% of board directors at tech firms.

By identifying and promoting the industry’s top female career climbers, Future Stars of Tech presents a tomorrow where diversity is a positive force, not a challenge, in the world of technology. By boosting the visibility of female talent in the first eight years of their career, the initiative provides a platform for encouraging young people to follow in their footsteps while tackling the biggest issues holding back diversity in the technology industry.

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Hurry up and nominate your person!

Nominations are still open until the 18th of April!

Criteria for 2019

Please note, all nominees must have only been in the tech industry for five years or less.

The judges convene before the event to review the nominations, so try to include as much information in the written submissions as possible, and include statistics and samples of your work where possible. The panel will refer to the criteria below to guide their decision-making, so use it to shape your submission(s).

Each written submission should be at least 400 words and a maximum of 600 words.

Nominations categories

Future Star: Graduate

This award recognises female graduates making their mark in the UK tech industry. To enter this category, the nominee must either be currently undertaking or have recently completed a Graduate scheme within the last 12 months (since 1 June 2018).

Future Star: Cyber Security Leader

A woman who works on protecting their company from cyber threats and/or promotes best practise for cyber security in the wider industry.

Future Star: Developer

A woman who has been part of a successful development project that has been rolled out within an organisation.

Future Star: Data Leader

A female IT, technology or business professional who has demonstrated strong results in the area of data technology in the last 18 months.

Future Star: Data Scientist

A woman who has shown strong results in data science and/or promotes best practise in data science in the wider industry.

Future Star: Digital Leader

A woman who has contributed to a successful digital transformation initiative; either internally, or for a client.

Future Star: CIO

A woman who has shown outstanding IT excellence and innovation in the last 18 months and demonstrates signs that she will one day become a successful CIO.

Future Star: CTO

A woman who has demonstrated particular innovation in the last 18 months, and demonstrates signs that she will one day become a successful CTO.

Future Star: IT Manager

This award will recognise an IT manager within her first five years of employment who has helped shine IT’s light across an organisation and as a result, contributed to company-wide digital initiatives.

Future Star: AI and Machine Learning

A woman who has demonstrated strong results in  AI and machine learning. This can include promoting ethical AI.

Future Star: Automation (includes NLP, RPA and OCR)

A woman who has demonstrated strong results in Automation.

Future Star: Diversity Advocate

A woman who is helping improve the level of diversity in their organisation, or in the wider tech industry.

Future Star: Tech Evangelist

An individual who has communicated the value of technology, beyond the jargon, to make the concepts and benefits available to a wider audience.

Future Star: Public Sector

A woman who has shown outstanding ability in driving tech initiatives in public sector organisations; across the spectrum.

Future Star: Tech for Good

A woman who is applying tech successfully to a social cause and can back this up with examples from the last 18 months.

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