Interview with our Managing Director, Domitille Bret

This month, as part of our series, “Behind GiT”, we interviewed Domitille Bret, one of our Managing Directors! Keep reading to find out more about her role at GiT and her take on how women can break into tech and become the next leaders.

What is your role at Girls in Tech London?

I’m one of the co-managing directors of GiT London, which entails leading a team of volunteers across Strategy, Partnerships, Events, Marketing & Legal, developing our growth initiatives, and ensuring the smooth running of the business at scale.

What sparked your interest in tech?

There are so many reasons why tech could be the best next step in your career. For me, these were:

  • The concrete impact tech has on behaviours and lifestyles as it powers change;  I have seen countless of unique customer success stories across markets, public sectors, and databases making your role exciting everyday
  • The ‘pioneering spirit’ of leading tech companies. I find having a blank canvas intellectually stimulating and enjoy building a story through the lens of various data and insights
  • The fast pace of the industry and the capacity to try extremely quickly, fail even faster and reiterate and learn along the way. We obsess over customers and are builders at heart

Do you have any top tips for breaking into tech, specifically without prior experience?

Tech is an extremely rich talent industry which goes beyond just Solution Architects and Cloud Engineers! When looking to break into tech, here are a few steps I would recommend the following:

  • Do your research. What roles are you interested in, what skills can you bring to the table? Options can include Human Resources, Data Analysis, Marketing, Sales Strategy & Operations and many more
  • Reach out to ladies in the role(s) you are targeting. A simple LinkedIn intro and message can go a long way, and a 15-min phone call can open more doors than you can imagine. Make sure to send your questions in advance, call on time, and thank your contact for their advice
  • Get a mentor in your company or outside who is in a position you would see yourself in a few years. Mentoring is one of the most fantastic relationships you can build but it is a lot of work. Make sure you commit to monthly meetings, ask plenty of questions, and follow-up with updates. I was lucky to have amazing mentors in the past who have shaped my career and with whom I am still regularly in touch with
  • Forget about the job descriptions. Most of them will likely ask for years of experience you cannot offer, or specify skills you can learn along the way. Take a bet on yourself, do your research, and understand whether you would fit the larger candidate profile description
  • Optional – It is always very positive when a candidate has taken the time to get a certification. It shows curiosity and hard work. If you have the time, try to get to the first level and talk about it during your interview. Chances are, your interviewer will be very impressed and/or if you get the job, it might save you time down the road as you wouldn’t have to pass it again
  • Once you land the interview, prepare! This is your one chance to shine. Make sure to review the interview process in detail as each company operates differently, ask plenty of questions to all of your interviewers, dress the part and over deliver on the case study. I would also recommend doing mock interviews with someone in your network who is in the company or with a friend
  • Once you’re in (congrats!!), try building a plan of skills you’re interested in developing. Coming outside of tech can be overwhelming if you don’t have a development plan due to the high number of events, webinars, and training available. Ruthlessly prioritise.

A massive thank you to Domi for her amazing tips and insights! We hope you all enjoyed and learned something new. Head over to our Instagram to find out more about our team members and behind the scenes content.

Keep a lookout for future posts in our “Behind GiT” series to learn about how you can land your dream job in tech and the stories behind our amazing team!

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