We’ve evolved! Introducing the new Girls in Tech

Change is powerful. It can inspire growth and development, or it can throw us into a tailspin of fear and uncertainty. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused its fair share of fear and uncertainty, and through all these changes in our lives, we’re discovering our innate need for connection and community. We’re discovering that we can learn, grow and adapt. We’re discovering that we can evolve.

Here at Girls in Tech, we’re driven by change. After 13 years of working to eliminate the gender gap, we realized that so much has changed since we started. Tech industries have changed. Companies have changed. We have changed. We’ve been evolving, and so have our stories. We need to share those stories. We need to celebrate them and, in these difficult times, find comfort and inspiration in them.

Today, we are excited to share a new and evolved Girls in Tech—a reflection of what tech truly looks like. Because it looks like you. And it’s time we have a conversation about it, with your stories and your voice.

“Our voices need to be heard, and our stories need to be told.”

The new and evolved Girls in Tech is a space for connecting and sharing—our experiences, our truths, our wisdom and our realities. It is a space for community. A community that will not only survive moments of uncertainty but will thrive in the moments after.

We have so many goodies to share that we couldn’t possibly cram them into one email. So here’s a peek:

  • Jobs Board: A job search platform that helps you find the right position at the right time.
  • Girls in Tech Blog: Useful tips and tricks for professional development and career success.
  • Community Voices + Stories: A series of personal conversations about the triumphs and uncertainties of life with women around the world.
  • Girls in Tech Conference: A virtual gathering of peers and colleagues. An opportunity to connect, learn and grow with your community.
  • Podcast: Intimate conversations with industry insiders on professional experiences and personal perspectives.

Check out our new website to learn more about all the new programs and features. Follow us on social media, and get this conversation started!

We are a dynamic global community—each of us with unique talents and personalities. Today, it’s time for us to let our light shine. Our voices need to be heard, and our stories need to be told. And right now, we need each other more than ever to inspire a brighter future. Let’s do it together. Let’s connect. Let’s evolve the story.

Yours in community,

Adriana and the Girls in Tech Team

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